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Hot water

Cold water
Ranma kun

Ranma Saotome

Ranma chan

Ranma is a sixteen year old boy; when he touches cold water he turns into a red haired girl. To stop this curse he has to find the spring of the red fox. He's engaged to Akane, but it wasn't his choice: their parents decided for them. He's loved by Shampoo, Ukyo (he calls her U-chan) and Kodachi, but he doesn't seem to like any of them. He hates cats (and Sampoo turns into a kitty with cold water).


Akane Tendou

Akane is a 16 year old girl expert in martial arts. She's engaged to Ranma for her father's decision and is expected to marry him and lead her family's gymnasium. She doesn't want to admit she's in love with Ranma. She has two sisters: Nabiki, who is 17, and Kasumi, 19. She's loved by Ryouga and doesn't know he is P-chan. She isn't cursed, so she doesn't turn into anything with cold water.

Shan Pu

Shampoo is a Chinese girl that works in her restaurant (obviously a Chinese one) and turns into a cat when she touches cold water. She loves Ranma, but he hates cats. A Chinese boy, Mouss, wants to marry her and came to Tokyo from China to take her back with him.

Ryouga Hibiki

This is my favourite character: a very shy boy with no sense of direction. He's in love with Akane and with cold water he turns into P-chan: a little black pig. P-chan is Akane's pet: she caresses him, she goes to bed with him, she undresses in front of him, but she's the only one who doesn't know he is Ryouga! Ryouga doesn't want her to know the truth in order to stay by her side. He suffers because of his curse and also because he's too shy to tell Akane "I love you".


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