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Hot Water

Cold Water

 The descriptions that are in this page were written by Elena.


Genma Saotome

Genma is Ranma's father and a good friend of Soun Tendo. When Ranma was young Genma took him for a trip to teach him martial arts and to let him become a real man, but something went wrong when Ranma fell into the springs! Genma himself fell into a spring, so that now he turns into a funny Panda; he lives well with his curse: everytime he doesn't want to be recognized, he goes Panda. He's fond of food and, to obtain some, he can even offer his son to anybody; that's why Ranma has a lot of troubles. 

Soun Tendou

Soun is Akane's father, he decided (with Genma) the engagement between Ranma and Akane and he's afraid that Ranma could break the pact. That's why he becomes angry with Ranma when he feels that some other girl is catching his heart. 
A peculiar characteristic of Soun are his "fountain weepings" that gush out for the most absurd reasons.


Happosai is Genma and Soun's Master. His main characteristic is perversion. In fact his hobby is following women and robbing them of their panties. That's why he's often in trouble, but he saves himself laying the blame on Ranma. 
Ranma-chan is his favorite victim and the scenes in which Happy tries to let Ranma wear a bra are definitely funny.
Kodachi, the black rose

Kodachi Kunou

Kodachi (Kuno's sister) decided herself she's Ranma's girlfriend, so she often fights other girls for him wearing an artistic gym suit and using a ribbon as a weapon. Her weird laughter and her strange behaviors make me think she's a bit insane.

Tatewaki Kunou

Tatewaki is Kodachi's brother and their father is Furinkan's principal. Like his father and his sister, he's somehow insane. He's a Kendo champion and he's full of himself but he isn't so brilliant: he's in love with Ranma-chan and he doesn't realize she's a "he". He's also in love with Akane and he isn't able to decide between the two girls he likes.


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