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Takahashi Rumiko Anime InterchangeTakahashi Rumiko Anime Interchange
Takahashi Rumiko Anime Interchange



Ranma Sites

Ryouga's lost pages An entire English site dedicated to Ryouga Hibiki, that is my favourite character.
Ranma in Italia Italian site with good Image Gallery, Ranma games and the last manga episode in English and in Italian; there's also the whole original Japanese manga of the last episode greatly scanned and described in Italian.
Ranma links around the World English page with lots of interesting links.
Ranma 1/2 Lucy's Page Even if this site's name is so similar to mine, I assure you it's different: it's a good Spanish site containing lots of Ranma songs (maybe all of them) in MP2 and MP3 format.
The Cursed Springs of Jusenkyo Really complete English site with almost everything you could ask about Ranma.
R-C Ranma Page
Great Ranma site in Italian with scans of all the manga covers and much more.
Ranma World
Another really nice Ranma site in Italian.
Ranma Italia New Ranma site in Italian.


Anime sites

James Anime Homepage French site (something is also in English) about many anime, including Ranma; contains many MP3s, movies, sounds and much more.
Anime Desktop Themes Archive of anime desktop themes, obviously including Ranma. In English.
Zona Manga e Anime Italian site with infos about lots of anime and manga.
The World Of Urusei Yatsura's Lum

Cicia's World

Italian site about lots of anime, including Ranma. Nice collection of videogames.

Tuttocartoni Italian site dedicated to Mangas.
Italian site reserved to adult people: don't visit it if you're not mature.
Yumilee's world manga anime ed hentai Italian site.
The bare foot girl
New anime-related site in English.
Yume Studio

Great graphic site in Italian.
Polly's site Anime related site with Ranma and Inu Yasha sections, in English.
Pan&Videl New born anime portal, in Italian.
DreamWorld Another new born anime portal, in Italian.
Marron's Homepage Dedicated to Dragonball, in Italian.


Friends' sites

Billie Fans Italia



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