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About me:  Wow! *smiling amazed* So you're interested in a few details about my life!!! ^_^

Mmmhhh, let me see... let's start with some private data:
Lucy-chan clearly is a nick-name, but I prefer not to say my real name, (even if it isn't so difficult to guess): I like so much my nick that I want to be called like that
I was born in 1974 (what, at your age you still watch anime? Well... yes. Don't you feel shame? My answer is NO!)
I'm Italian

well, up here you can see my photo, but, obviously, it's the best of my life!
I have blond hair, blue eyes, I'm 1,55 meters tall (a little more than 61 inches *sigh*) and my weight is 43 Kilos (95 pounds) and... I'm not saying my measures! (someone asked me for those, ya know) *hehe...*

Studies, sports, hobbies and passions:
I study a scientific subject at the University and I'm two exams far from graduation. What will I do after? Mmhhh...umphhh...ehm...what's next? >.< ouch!
sport doesn't suit me: I don't like it, I never liked it I never did it... if we exclude a painful attempt I did in a gymnasium to stop time progress *sigh* and all of this is due to my indomitable laziness.
You'll probably ask me: at least do you watch at any sport at the TV or are you really such an amoeboid girl? The second one!
I wonder what opinion about me you will have now! :)
let's talk about my hobbies. There's no need to say I like Ranma 1/2, so let's see what else I can say. I'm fond of everything that's related to computers, internet, technologies, I like English language, chemistry, maths and science.  
I feel proud of myself when I receive lovely e-mails of compliments for my site, when I build web sites, when I assemble a computer and everytime I update my PC.
my passion is simply one: the Master, that is my boyfriend!

About the site:

This site is mainly based on pictures about my favourite anime (and yours too, I suppose): Ranma 1/2.

The Image Gallery is continuously updated and so is the Download Section.

Since I often update the site, I thought a mailing list would have been useful. I mail all the subscribers whenever I update my site; if you want to join it, click here.

There are two different URLs to this page:

The first one is easier to remember, but the second one will always be valid and active, instead the first one could become inactive.


Takahashi Rumiko Anime InterchangeTakahashi Rumiko Anime Interchange
Takahashi Rumiko Anime Interchange


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